Lace Up Your Running Shoes!

Lace Up Your Running Shoes!

See Historic New Orleans

See Historic New Orleans

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Garden District

Garden District

French Quarter

French Quarter



Cafe' du Monde

Cafe' du Monde

St. Charles Streetcar Line

St. Charles Streetcar Line

and much more...

and much more...

Come run with New Orleans Jogging Tours for a unique tour of the Big Easy!

Come on down to the Big Easy and discover a city preserved in time.

New Orleans was founded May 7, 1718, by the French Mississippi Colony, under the direction of Jean Batiste LeMoyne de Bienville.
Come and burn off those Beignets!
These running tours will have your heart pumping and feeling good.
Enjoy the food, music and history that New Orleans has to offer, while having fun and jogging.


New Orleans Jogging Tours provides visitors and locals with a narrative running tour of New Orleans best historic and cultural sites.

The owner of New Orleans Jogging Tours was born and raised in New Orleans.

Lace-up your running shoes! Join New Orleans Jogging Tours for a unique tour of the Big Easy!


Our history tour covers the French Quarter, Cemetery, and the Garden District.

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We also offer private, customizable, and walking tours.

Licensed Tour Guides and Running Buddies

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Tour departs 6am and 9am Monday-Saturday year round. Sunday’s @ 8am.

Guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time.

Cost of Tour: $30 per person

Distance: 10k (6.2mi)

We meet by the Old U.S Mint Building in the French Quarter, at the corner of Barracks and Decatur.

See map for meeting place and directions.

Some sights you’ll see:

St. Louis Cathedral
Jackson Square
Pontalba Apartments
Old Ursuline Convent
Mississippi River

Cafe’ du Monde
Bourbon Street
French Market
Old U.S. Mint
National World War II Museum

Civil War Museum
Streetcar Line
Benjamin Button House
Sandra Bullocks’ House
Archie Manning’s House

Anne Rice’s House
Real World House
Lafayette Cemetery Number 1
Commander’s Palace Restaurant
And much more…


Find answers to all of your questions here.

Will I be able to keep up?
Maybe! We go at a minimum 11 min mile.
What will I do with my belongings when running?
All of our guides carry a backpack and will be able to carry small items such as wallets and travel cards. However, guides are unable to carry larger items so you should bring your own backpack if necessary. Please note that our guides cannot be held responsible for any damage to your belongings.
Will there be water?
We will supply water during the run, but you are encouraged to bring your own. There will also be stores to buy beverages along the route.
Do I need to be able to run the whole time?
While these are running tours, we aren’t militant about requiring tour participants to run the entire time. We  try to go at your pace, whether that’s a run, or a run/walk. It’s up to you, and your guide will keep your pace.
How soon can I book a tour?
Tours can be booked anytime up until an hour before the tour.
Are kids welcome to participate?
Yes! Kids ages 12 and under are half price, and must have a parent or guardian.
Are bathrooms available along the route?
We can typically find a bathroom along our routes, so if you ever need to stop, just let your guide know, and he or she will find a place to stop.
How do I pay?
Credit card via telephone (504-858-9988) before you arrive for your tour.
Am I allowed to tip my guide?
Yes! You’re not required to do so, but tips are appreciated.
What if I'm late for my run?
If you are running late for your tour call the operator at (504) 898-9988.
What if the weather is bad?
We are willing to run in all weather conditions to meet your requests. In case of inclement weather (flash floods, hurricanes, etc.), we will attempt to reschedule your tour for another time if applicable. We will usually wait until as close to tour time as possible before deciding to cancel or reschedule. See below about refunds.
What is your refund policy?
In the event of an emergency or inclement weather, refunds are only issued within 48 hours of your scheduled run. All deposits are non-refundable.
Can I reschedule?
In cases of emergency or changed travel plans, we will reschedule your tour.
How long does the tour last?
Our tours last between 90 and 120 minutes depending on the route and runners.

Anyone can do this Tour!

We do not run the whole time. We jog, walk, talk, stop, and jog some more!


What they're saying about New Orleans Jogging Tours.

My wife and I took this tour last month on our honeymoon. I wanted to do something fun, so I figured why not. My favorite part was running on the street car line, which I noticed a lot of locals did the same. Our guide Mac was phenomenal, that guy really knew a lot about New Orleans. ~ Daniel Jones

I felt great after taking the jogging tour. The previous night I went out on Bourbon and drank a handgrenade (or two) with my girlfriends, and the next thing I know I was sweating it all out running through the Garden District. I really got a good feel of what it was like to live in New Orleans 300 years ago. My guide Earl was very knowledgeable. Not to mention he made the run very easy for me and my girlfriends. We stopped a few times for water and a talk. I would definitely do this tour again when I return in the Spring for my conference. ~ Rachel Quinn

This was the best tour I have ever taken. I think I literally ran through the entire city! Our guide Mac made the tour fun and interesting. He answered all of our group’s questions with no problems. We even got a much needed sprinkle of rain to cool us off as we ran. My favorite part was running on the Mississippi river. ~ Jimmy J.

THANK YOU NEW ORLEANS JOGGING TOURS!!! My Tour Guide MAC was awesome! I travel the country quite often for my job, and I always like to run in different cities. I was thrilled to find that New Orleans offered a jogging tour, I sometimes grow tired of jogging by myself. I was so glad that I was able to run with with some other joggers from around the country. Everybody got along great. After the tour I did not feel bad about eating a giant seafood platter and bread pudding, yum! ~ Nancy Brown

This tour was such a fun and unique experience. The guide was hilarious and knew a lot about the city. And it allowed my husband and I to see all the wonderful sights of New Orleans while keeping active, so that we didn’t feel as guilty while we enjoyed the wonderful foods later. ~ Mary Sylvetti, Wisconsin

This was a really great experience for me and my family. It gave us a way to see the city and stay fit. It was fun and the guide was really chill. ~ Cindy Johnson, North Carolina

Being a teen I didn’t think I’d have fun exerting a bunch of energy. But I found my self so absorbed in the beauty of the city that I didn’t even notice I was jogging or exhausted. It was a lot of fun. ~ Kelsey Harris





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Shout out to my brave young couple who decided to bring their baby on tour. Nothing was stopping them, and they did not skip a beat. The tour actually finished a little a head of schedule. These folks had no excuses! Strollers are also a great way to boost workout. It is always good to [...]

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Sorry that I have not been posting lately!!! Because We have been to busy jogging… But someone told me that this social media thing was important. Over these past few months we have had a very diverse group of people. We have had people who were visiting New Orleans for business, and some for pleasure. [...]

Ms. Louisiana was a special treat to have on our running tour.  If you want to look like her, you have to run and jog. You have to get in some cardio. Lauren Vizza was born in Shreveport Louisiana. She has many many accomplishments and accolades, but my favorite thing about her is that she [...]

New Orleans Jogging Tours has been around for a year, and we finally got a black guy to take a tour! Not including myself and another guy I trained, Charles Young was the first ever African American male customer we have had Why is that? I don’t know? I can only make assumptions… Charles [...]

As of today, New Orleans Jogging Tours is the number one rated tourist attraction on Trip Advisor (in New Orleans). How did we do it? Hard work, dedication, and most importantly, giving people what they want! Rain or shine, hot or warm. Although we lead the tours, we give the people what they want to [...]

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We also offer private, customizable, and walking tours.


Tour departs 6am and 9am Monday-Saturday year round. Sunday’s at 8am. Guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time.

We meet by the Old U.S Mint Building in the French Quarter, at the corner of Barracks and Decatur. See map for meeting place and directions.

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