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Today was a beautiful day. It was was surprisingly cool this morning, even though summer is only a few days away. The rain from last night had left the sky clear and blue. 7 people showed up for the tour, and they were all on time! which rarely happens after a night in New Orleans. Some people where drinking coffee. I always drink a bottle of water and eat a banana before running. I was about to eat a granola bar but I gave it to this guy from Russia, he didn’t speak much English, but I could see he wanted it.

We started running a little before 9am. The streets were quite, the city was just waking up. I pointed out to my guest how some people never went to bed yet, and where still trying to make it home. When we got by the river, my newlywed couple from California asked if they could get in the Mississippi… I must admit, that was the first time I had that question. I explained to them that the river is nothing like the ocean, and once you get in, you don’t come out.

Once we left the French Quarter and made it to St. Charles Ave, my guest asked about all the beads in the trees. That’s when I told them about Mardi Gras, and how we never take down those beads. By this time, we were in the Garden District, we took a break at this book store, and a single gentlemen in the group bought a book about Creoles. This Guy had to be at least 70! But he was in better shape than me. I put the book in my bag and took everyone to the cemetery. I took pictures of everybody at a the celebrity mansions.

We jogged to Magazine St. and the ladies said they would come back there to shop. When we were running past the World War II museum one of my guest wanted to check it out. Since the tour was pretty much over, I advised him to just go inside the museum now, and he did. Turns out I had to meet up with him later during the day, because he forgot his new book in my bag. But that was OK, he ended up treating me to lunch, and I never pass up a free meal!