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We have been so busy lately that we have not had time to write these Blogs! After all we a runners, not writers. But who says a runner can’t be a writer, or a gymnast a playwright, or a psalmist a bodybuilder, or a teacher a student, or a lawyer an ice cream scooper… whatever.

I was looking at an ad for a “fat boy run”, but I don’t know what qualifies you to be considered a fat boy.  Does it go by body fat percentage? Or by how many bars you can stop and drink at during a single race and still complete the race.  I once did a spartan race, which was fun, but I doubt the spartans did anything like that.  I would imagine that they would just hold there ground, knock you back with their shields, then jab with there spear, and get back in tight formation for protection.  The race should have been named jumpfiremudwallhayriverropetwistankleclimbsink-athon.  Three bridge runs are coming up in New Orleans and surrounding areas, and if you do all three you get a medallion… nice. I guess. Show me the money.

Moreover, if you want to start aging backwards, START RUNNING!