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Today was a little weird.  Every time we stopped to talk about the houses in the Garden District, a lizard jumped out! Yes, a Lizard.  A Bahama Anole to be exact.  Why this happened I don’t know.  I would have never noticed until a woman in the group pointed out that one was on her shoe.  Luckily she was an animal lover and didn’t mind.  When we got by Jefferson Davis’s house, I took a picture of one on the fence.  I got within 6 inches of it before it decided too move.  I guess there are use to all of the tourist in the neighborhood.

Theses Lizards are not native to New Orleans, they are from the Bahamas and Cuba.  They travelled unnoticed on ships to Florida, and are making there way through the south.

(Marcus also does short Tours of Lafayette Cemetery #1 and St. Louis Cemetery #1, 7 days a week, all day long. Just look for him by the front gate.)