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So today I ran with a marathon runner. She ran everyday, 12 miles a day. The tour was going great, we kept a slow but steady pace.  By the time we got to the half way point I was drenched in sweat, and she was not sweating at all.  I was not tired, and neither was she.  But the fact that she had not broken a sweat left me to ponder.  Every tour is different.  Some tours get more running with less history, others get less running with more history.  Moreover, one thing I do know is that most people come on the tour to break a little bit of a sweat.  We never push people during our tours, this is not the military, and it’s not that type of party.  However, if you ask for it you will get it, we aim to please, we are a democracy for the people.  I remember when I was in the middle of a history lesson and a guy asked me “could we do a little more running?” I said “sure, it’s your world.” And we took off running down St. Charles Ave and never stopped.  Everybody in the group knew each other so it was all good.  On the other hand, I once walked the entire tour with an elderly woman and we never stopped talking.

Although these tours are not races you could have an opportunity to compete with your tour guides.  Some guides offer to race there guest in a 100yd sprint, and if the guest wins, they get a free tour.  No guest has ever won, but you could be the first!  New Orleans and the surrounding area has over 60 races a year, ranging from Marathons, half’s, 15k, 10k, 5k, ect.  Therefore you could literally do a race every week in New Orleans if your body allowed you. So if you love to run, I have a cousin who does real estate and could hook you up with a nice crib.