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When taking a New Orleans Running Tour, be sure to have the proper foot wear.  We have had runners in flip flops, sandals, swimming shoes, penny loafers, boots, vibrams, and skeletons.  I am waiting for the day when we get someone in high heels.  As a matter of fact, the first person to show up and do a tour with high heels will get a free tour.  The problem with the vibrams and the skeletons, is that there can be broken glass and drug needles on bourbon st., so you would not want to step on that, it would surely go straight through the shoe. Secondly, the pavement is hot in the summer.  For all of my barefoot and eco-friendly folks, you are welcome as well, and if you don’t have any toenails, thats a plus!

Most of the guys I ran with had some well structured shoes.  I own a pair of Mizuno Men’s Wave Nirvana 8 Running Shoe for maximum support. Most of the women wear shoes that match there outfits. However, it’s all about whatever makes you feel good.