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As of today, New Orleans Jogging Tours is the number one rated tourist attraction on Trip Advisor (in New Orleans).
How did we do it? Hard work, dedication, and most importantly, giving people what they want! Rain or shine, hot or warm. Although we lead the tours, we give the people what they want to ensure they have a great time. We try to keep our guests happy and smiling the entire tour. Or in some cases, people don’t want a “tour” they just want to run. Moreover, we run them as fast or as slow as they want.  We treat our guests with respect, protect them from bums and dogs, or whatever.
Another big reason we enjoy our job may be a selfish one. Our blood pressure keeps getting lower, and our fat keeps melting away. We also get to eat whatever we want, whenever we want. Yes, that means donuts, gumbo, steaks, fried seafood, bread pudding, fried chicken, beignets, red velvet cake, roast beef po-boys, hamburgers, milk shakes, jambalaya, crawfish, and my favorite, banana foster ooey goey cake! I don’t think you can find that last one on a menu anywhere, (my sister makes it). Don’t be jealous because we have an awesome job!