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OMG! So I’m running with a group of people, and I notice an older gentlemen constantly rubbing his chest.  I did not really pay it much attention.  As he continued to do this along the tour, I thought he might be about to have a heart attack.  He then took his nipple out of his shirt, and began to caress it.  By this time his wife said “there goes his nipple again…” HUN! What do you mean lady!? She then explained that her husband gets runners nipple on occasion.  She said that sometimes his nipples bleed while running, due too the constant rubbing against his shirt.  That’s when it hit me, I don’t have breast cancer, I have the first signs of runners nipple.  I would wonder why my nipples would be on fire at the end of a run.  If it were not for that old guy exposing his nipple, I would probably be at the hospital getting a cat scan right now.

I later found that there are only a few solutions to this problem.  One is to lube up your nipples with your ointment of choice (Vaseline). But then it looks like you’re lactating.  Another option is wearing a sports bra.  But then you would look like a transvestite.  Another alternative would be to wear band-aids or tape over your nipples.  Moreover, I have found that the best option is to run shirtless.