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Running alone in New Orleans can be dangerous and stupid, especially at night.  Some people who run alone in New Orleans can fall victim to people, animals and cars.  Some tourist run into neighborhoods because they are historic, but they don’t know that it is also the hood!  I am not just saying this to women but men also.

Our tour guides are locals and know where to go and not to. They know how the traffic moves, and they know where the stray dogs live.  Your safety is our number one priority.  Yes, it helps that the average weight of our tour guides are 240 lbs, so it’s basically like you are running with professional body guards who have a PHD in history! All in all you will feel safe when you take a running tour with us. You choose the red or the green drink. Run out of your hotel in the morning running in circles around the French Quarter. Or open your mind and see all that New Orleans has to offer through a guided running tour.