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People take these tours for different reasons. Some people want to see other parts of the city besides the French Quarter. Others want to offset the immense amount of food that they will eat on their trip to New Orleans. That’s right, offset. Because honestly you will not come ahead with your calorie counter, but you could perhaps break even. That is, if you truly eat the way a tourist should eat in my city. In the morning, you should be eating a large breakfast of eggs benedict along with fried catfish and shrimp and grits. When I usually eat breakfast, I go to a hole in the wall in the hood, and get liver, grits, and grilled onions! For lunch a Tourist should indulge in a fried shrimp po-boy, or a giant seafood platter! For dinner, barbecued oysters, along with steak and swordfish! Not to mention, at some point during the day you will probably indulge in some Beignets. If you are here to party in new orleans til the late night, you probably need some late night greasy pizza or fried chicken. That being said, you probably won’t eat that on a normal day in your home town.

Other tourist take the tour beacause they are training for some event, or have a daily goal in mind. Whatever the reason is, we would love to have you! One of the reasons I do this tour, is to keep my blood pressure down. That is why i am always motivated to do a run!