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When partaking in a new orleans running tour, it is a good idea to tell your guide what you will be wearing when you show up to take the tour.  Many a times have I greeted someone in the morning thinking they where a guest, and ended up being just a random pedestrian.  When talking on the phone, one can only presume ones age, gender, and race.  I once spoke to what seemed like a young black woman on the phone before a tour, therefore every young black woman that passed the meeting spot was my presumable guest.  Moreover, if I did not tell them what I was wearing, they could pass me by, which has happened before.  That same day a black woman came up to me with a walking cane and some grocery bags and started talking.  Her overall appearance was not what I expected, but hey, I had never seen her. She sat down next to me and proceeded to have a conversation.  I then asked her if she was ready to go, and she said “yes.” I gave her a waiver to sign and she asked if she could have my ink pen.  I said “why would you want to jog and run with a pen?”  She said “I’m not jogging or running, I’m going to walk.”  I said “Ma’am, since it’s just you and me today, we can do whatever you want, but you must first sign the waiver.”  She said “Waiver for what?”, I said “For the tour.”  She said “I’m not taking a tour, I just wanted an ink pen.”  My real guest showed up 10 minutes late and looked as expected. We had a good time.

Which brings me too today.  I was pretty sure a white guy called me on the phone to take a tour. He also sent me some emails and text messages.  Therefore when I saw a white guy walking towards me this morning with a ti-dye shirt and shorts, I did not think it was him, but it very well could have been.  The gentlemen boldly approached me and I smiled, he said “Do you have any spare change or dollars so I can get some McDonalds breakfast?” I told him “I’m sorry I don’t.” As he proceeded to walk away he turned back around and asked me “Do you do drugs?”  At this point I obviously knew it was not my scheduled guest, but my first reaction was to smack this guy, instead I told him “Nah bruh.” I eventually met up with my guest who looked pretty mush as expected.